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Founded in 2014, Emperor Tree is an asset management company specializing in corporate and structured credit markets. The firm manages macro funds including separately managed accounts for institutional investors and high net worth investors.

Emperor Tree is one of the largest independent asset managers specializing in corporate and structured credit, with primary offices in Greenwich, Connecticut and Shanghai. Emperor Tree was founded in 2014 as the successor to a family office managing the assets of its founders and eligible employees.The firm manages macro funds including separately managed accounts for institutional investors and high net worth investors. Emperor Tree has approximately 25 employees including more than 10 investment professionals. The firm is 100% employee owned.

Emperor Tree is a bottom-up, fundamental value investor focused on total return with high margins of safety and identification of catalysts that drive returns. Emperor Tree’s investment process has generated alpha since inception.

Investment Strategies

Long Only

Emperor Tree manages traditional, long only high yield funds and CLO vehicles that invest primarily in leveraged loans and high yield bonds. These strategies seek to deliver total return relative to their respective index benchmarks.


Emperor Tree manages one flagship strategy. These funds invest primarily in corporate credit, including leveraged loans, high yield bonds, distressed/restructurings, CLO debt, structured credit, mezzanine debt and credit-themed equities. Additionally, the firm's Risk Committee identifies primary risk factors for all its alternative strategies and creates a top-down portfolio of macro hedges to address these factors. A diversified basket of hedges allows for active management of net portfolio exposure and protects capital during periods of market stress and increased volatility.

  • Lawrensky Leong
  • Linda Ma
  • Bonnie Wong
  • Rebecca Ye
  • Tom Smith
  • Tony Lee
  • Weiyin Li

Executive Committee

Founding Partner & Chief Investment Officer

Lawrensky Leong is Founder, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Emperor Tree, overseeing the firm investments across all fund offerings. In addition, Mr. Leong chairs Emperor Tree Executive Committee and is a member of the Risk Committee. A veteran of the global markets with over 10 years of investing experience, Mr. Leong founded Emperor Tree in 2014 and was instrumental in building the firm into an organization that is highly regarded for its investment process and partnership culture. Known for its focus on fundamental and relative value analysis, Emperor Tree has produced strong competitive returns across product lines since its inception. The firm has grown into an organization of 6 partners, over 25 employees and approximately $100 million of assets under management. Prior to forming Emperor Tree, Mr. Leong spent over a decade at Golden Hill, serving as lead portfolio manager of the firm’s hedge fund business beginning on June 1, 2007. Under Mr. Leong’s leadership, Golden Hill hedge fund had great positive performance even during the 2008 financial crisis. He is a graduate of Shanghai University of International Business and Economics with a B.A. in Management. Mr. Leong is a Member of Foreign Investment Association.

Partner & President

Linda Ma is Co-Founder and President of Emperor Tree. In addition, Ms. Ma is a member of Emperor Tree’s Executive Committee. Ms. Ma manages Emperor Tree’s Business Management infrastructure, which provides operational and infrastructure support to Emperor Tree’s investment products and client franchise. Prior to joining Emperor Tree, Ms. Ma was President and Chief Operating Officer of Sanyo, Inc.. While at Sanyo, she was on the Finance, Investment and Merger & Acquisition Committees. Previously, in 2008, she joined Huatai Securities where she was responsible for Fund and Structured Product Distribution. Ms. Ma earned her B.S. in Accounting from Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology, her M.B.A in Finance from New York University.

Partner& Head of Business Development

Bonnie Wong is a Partner and Head of Business Development at Emperor Tree . In addition, Ms. Wong is a member of Emperor Tree’s Executive Committee. Ms. Wong oversees the firm’s global Business Development effort located in New York, Shanghai. Prior to joining Emperor Tree, Ms. Wong was a Managing Director at Tian Xing Capital where she was responsible for Product Distribution in China from 2013 to 2014. During that period, Tian Xing Capital became recognized as a leading Fund franchise, advising many of the most important asset managers and investors globally. In her 3 years at Tian Xing Capital, Ms. Wong held several management positions across Portfolio Management, Structured Credit and Head of High Yield Credit Derivatives Marketing. Ms. Wong received an B.S. degree in Finance from Beijing Normal University and a Master’s degree in International Economics from Imperial College.


Rebecca Ye is a Partner at Emperor Tree and is a member of Emperor Tree’s Executive Committee. In addition, Ms. Ye chairs the Compliance Committee. Prior to joining Emperor Tree, Ms. Ye served as a Managing Director in J.P. Morgan for 8 years, where she headed the compliance department and client service department. Prior to its acquisition by J.P. Morgan in 2006, Ms. Ye was a research analyst with MetLife. She graduated with Honors from University of California, Riverside.

Partner &Senior Portfolio Manager

Tom Smith is a Partner, Senior Portfolio Manager and Head of Structured Products at Emperor Tree Asset Management. In addition, Mr. Smith is a member of Emperor Tree’s Executive Committee and chairs the firm’s Risk Committee. Emperor Tree expanded its investing efforts in Structured Products in 2014 with the joining of Mr. Smith, who has been instrumental in building the firm’s structured products investment team. Under Mr. Smith’s direction, Emperor Tree built highly sophisticated, proprietary systems to analyze opportunities in structured products, which integrate the firm’s proprietary knowledge of single name credits into the analysis of structured products investments. Prior to joining Emperor Tree, Mr. Smith was a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley in its Global Fixed Income Division. He holds an M.B.A from Columbia University and a B.S. from the Pennsylvania State University in Mechanical Engineering through the University Scholars program.

Partner &Senior Portfolio Manager

Tony Lee is a Partner, Senior Portfolio Manager and Head of the firm’s Value Fund Strategy that has a track record spanning over 15 years. In addition, Mr. Lee is a member of Emperor Tree’s Executive Committee and the Risk Committee. Mr. Lee’s leadership has been instrumental in the performance and growth of the firm’s long only offerings including our Value, Loan and Multi-Sector strategies. Mr. Lee’s current responsibilities at Emperor Tree also include covering investments across the firm in the services, lodging and healthcare industries. Prior to joining Emperor Tree, Mr. Lee was a Vice President at Citigroup Inc. and spent seven years in the Leveraged Finance Research group, where he was responsible for the healthcare and services sectors. Mr. Lee holds a B.S. in Finance and Management Information Systems from New York University. Mr. Lee is also a CFA charterholder.


Li Weiyin is a China Partner of Emperor Tree Capital Limited and participated in founding the Investment Manager. Mr. Li is in charge of daily operation as an OM/MD. Prior to joining Emperor Tree, Mr. Li served as the Assistant GM headed the FOF department in Hanking Family Office for 4 years. Previously, in 2011, Mr. Li was a senior customer manager with HSBC Life Insurance. Mr. Li has extensive experience in China and the overseas futures market, and dealing with institutional clients based in Asia, and he earned his MA in Project Manager from University of Technology Sydney.

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